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Short story writer, currently working on my first English novel.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

A word sometimes is so powerful that can change the lives of millions of people, from one day to the next, without a tangible reason. This particular word will never hold the same meaning for our current generations and the next. Lockdown, a word that has become so much more than just another entry in the vocabulary. It had become a concept, a dark page of human history that has struck many deadly blows to many people and countries. A life-saving necessity that also endangered millions of other lives, playing with the mental health and stability of so many.


To whoever finds this:

Hi, I am Cassandra. If you are reading this it means I probably ended up losing my mind for good, and I committed the ultimate, fatal act. Yes, I am probably dead by now, the umpteenth suicide victim.

I was a nice and joyful girl, full of dreams and hope for the future, like many others of my same age. Getting my degree, building a family with my boyfriend, buying a house. Pretty normal stuff. I was really working hard to achieve those goals, so it is easy to say that not reaching them will be…

Marco Zampilli

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